Fast clarification of responsibility on your collaboration platform
Interfaces to AI, IoT and cloud services included!
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Expert discussion

  • Product presentation
  • Understanding the customer's process and IT landscape
  • Outline potential use cases together
  • Estimate added valuec

Pilot phase

  • Selection of a use case for the pilot
  • Analysis and documentation of pilot process
  • Set-Up Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • seting up GroupLotse
  • Staff training
  • Structured feedback


  • Advice on the roll-out of several use cases
  • Development project plan
  • Support for
    • the integration of applications and processes
    • seting up GroupLotse
    • preparation and implementation of training
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Fast Clarification of responsibilities in the team

  • App for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram
  • Clarification of responsibilities per button-click
  • Preconfigurable options for actions
  • Reminder function

Application control directly from the chat

  • Bidirectional integration of AI, IoT and cloud services into your team
  • One-click application control via Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram
  • Interface types: WebHook, MQTT, Email, SMS
  • Customized configuration of the interfaces for your GroupLotse
connect KI, IoT and cloud applications

Connect AI, IoT and cloud applications to your team in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram via your GroupLotse

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Create your GroupLotse for your team

  • Configuration directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram
  • Set up new interfaces and assign GroupLotses
  • Configure group decisions, direct actions and filters

All GroupLotses and interfaces at a glance

  • Overview of all GroupLotses and interfaces
  • All customer account data and plans
  • Super easy access via Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram

GroupLotse works on the following collaboration platforms

  • Slack - Communication and collaboration platform
  • Microsoft Teams – communication and collaboration platform
  • Telegram – instant messaging service
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Communication and collaboration platform

Communication and collaboration platform

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