Building automation

Group-based building automation

Fully automated processes often do not meet the individual needs of people – improve your process efficiency with GroupLotse through group decisions!

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Human vs. AI

The fully automated control of building automation technology very often does not meet the individual needs of affected groups of people. For example, when using air conditioning units, there is always the question of the individual preferences of the people who are in an air-conditioned room. Fresh air or air conditioning – which is preferred?

Decision Making

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help people to make decisions, but ultimately people should decide for themselves what climatic conditions they want to work in. Depending on which people are present in the office, this decision can be very different.

Easy Setup

Simply connect the device or machine to GroupLotse via standard interfaces (e.g. via email or MQTT) and add them to a Telegram group and/or a Slack channel via GroupLotse.

Standard Interfaces

Connect the building automation technology to GroupLotse via standard interfaces (e.g. via MQTT) and add it to a Telegram group or a Slack Channel.

Easy Group Administration

The virtual assistant of GroupLotse makes it very easy and efficient to coordinate group decision-making processes.

The Smart Group Assistant takes over the coordination of the group and ensures that decisions are made according to a previously defined procedure (e.g. democratic decisions – the feature will follow shortly).

Simply create a group with all relevant employees in Slack or Telegram.

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Smart Group Assistant

For example, the group is informed in the morning by GroupLotse in Slack or Telegram about the current weather forecast. The Smart Group Assistant then coordinates whether the air conditioning should be switched on or not. The circuit works with a simple click of a button in Slack or Telegram.

Reminder Function

The reminder function can be used to ensure that the participants are asked to make a decision until such a decision is made.


Automatic actions (e.g. switching on a specific weather forecast) can also be set.

Slack / Telegram / Teams

GroupLotse is very easy to set up using Slack, Telegram or Teams – no additional apps are required.

Smart Group Assistant

In the same chat process in which the group-decision has been coordinated by the Smart Group Assistant, the participants can also share and discuss further information. All functions of Slack and Telegram can be used to their full extent.

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