Our Mission

Improve the ability of any organization to master AI and IoT through the collective intelligence of people.

Our Team

Arno Staude

Chief Executive Officer

Gebhard Schrader

Chief Information Officer

Tuyet Stark

Team Assistance


Software Development

Timo Gatta

Quality Assurance

Bianca Staude

Human Resources

Jan Schnorrenberg

Software Development

Nastassja Schrader


Our Timeline

Our Timeline

Our Story

In the beginning there was the idea of making messages from AI or IoT applications available to groups. After all, why should only messages from people be shared with others and not those from AI/IoT applications? Collaboration platforms such as Slack and MS Team, messenger solutions (Telegram) and bot technologies offered us the appropriate platform to turn our idea into a product.

However, we soon learned that while the pure notification of groups is a very useful feature, the real added value lies in what the group does with messages from AI/IoT applications. This is because AI/IoT applications can describe complex conditions, but often cannot (yet) derive any decisions from them. This requires at least one person for more complex contexts, and with increasing complexity even several people – i.e. groups.

We are therefore convinced that we need to make use of the collective intelligence of groups in order to process messages from AI/IoT applications in a timely manner, to bring about the optimal decision and to initiate appropriate follow-up processes. Triggering IoT/AI applications via groups/channels of collaboration platforms was then only the last logical step in our product development.