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Your GroupLotse clarifies in Microsoft teams who from your team takes care of an interface message and what AI, IoT, or cloud application to move forward with in the process

Clarification of responsibilities

  • When certain interface messages are received, your team is offered various options for action (interface trigger, call, text message) via buttons or a dropdown menu
  • Your team decides who takes responsibility for a task and how to proceed in the process

Application control

  • Let your team control AI, IoT or cloud applications via Microsoft Teams at just a click of a button
  • For example, document who from your team has taken on which tasks in your Google Sheets dashboard

  • Google Sheets and another 650 services can be easily connected to your GroupLotsen via webhook

Call and reminder function

  • You can use the call function to automatically call your GroupLotses to inform you about a new relevant interface message
  • You can configure your GroupLotses to remind your team when no one responds to an interface message
  • Your GroupLotse ensures that all relevant interface messages are processed

Messenger functionalities

  • Your team can use all messenger functionalities (text, video, photos, etc.) to make the processing of your interface message as efficient as possible
  • Your GroupLotse supports your team until the task is done!

Connect AI, IoT and cloud applications to your team in Microsoft Teams via your GroupLotsen

Add interfaces to your GroupLotse

  • Start the process under Apps/GroupLotse by entering the command "hq"
  • Choose in the dropdown box
    "+ Create new interface"
  • Choose the type of communication the interface should use to communicate with GroupLotse (email, webhook, MQTT or SMS) and follow the process

  • Give your interface a meaningful name


  • Overview of all GroupLotses and interfaces
  • Super easy access via Microsoft Teams
  • All customer account data and tariffs