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Improve the ability of any organization to master AI and IoT through the collective intelligence of people.

Connect AI and IoT devices to GroupLotse in minutes. Simply use existing platforms like Slack, Telegram other MS Teams.

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Our Product

Digitize your work process effectively

Connect IoT devices to GroupLotse in minutes –
Simply use existing messaging protocols and platforms.

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The Smart Group Assistant enables your team to actively control digitalized processes through group decisions

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Your team decides via Slack, Telegram or MS Teams which actions should be triggered on certain messages from IoT devices.

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The system integration

GroupLotse is
fully integrated in the following services:

  • Slack – communication and collaboration platform

  • Telegram – Instant messaging service

  • Microsoft Teams - communication and collaboration platform

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Search for @GroupLotse after you added the app. Here you will find the manual.

Our solution
GroupLotse optimizes your digital decision-making process

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our Products


0/ Forever
  • Max. 3 IoT Devices
  • Max. 5 Channels/Groups
  • Max. 10 IoT Messages/Day
  • No Call Notifications
  • No Telephone Support


4/ month
  • Max. 10 IoT Devices
  • Max. 20 Channels/Groups
  • Max. 100 IoT Messages/Day
  • No Call Notifications
  • No Telephone Support


9/ month
  • Max. 50 IoT Devices
  • Max. 100 Channels/Groups
  • Max. 1000 IoT Messages/Day
  • 30 call notifications / month incl.
  • Telephone Support incl.


29/ month
  • Unlimited Number of IoT Devices
  • Unlimited Channels/Groups
  • ∞ IoT Messages/Day
  • 100 call notifications / month incl.
  • Telephone Support incl.

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