Efficient commissioning of maintenance services

Maintenance services are often commissioned too late due to slow communication chains – digitize the commissioning processes with your service provider with GroupLotse!

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Process optimization

Use GroupLotse to optimize the maintenance processes of your process-relevant devices and machines.

Economic Solution

GroupLotse offers a cost-effective solution to inform the responsible employees of a company and the involved service providers in time about urgent maintenance requirements.

Easy Setup

Simply connect the device or machine to GroupLotse via standard interfaces (e.g. via email or MQTT) and add them to a Telegram group and/or a Slack or Teams channel via GroupLotse.

Maintenance Messages

Incoming maintenance messages can be shared with selected employees and service providers in Slack, Telegram or Teams in groups or channels.

Easy Coordination

With GroupLotse, the responsibility for a given case, e.g. Server failure, can be allocated easily and quickly. The Smart Group Assistant takes over the coordination of the group and ensures that the task is taken by an employee.

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Smart Group Assistant

The Smart Group Assistant coordinates the actions of the group in the event of predefined alarm messages. For example, when motion is detected in a certain area, the group may be asked to open a barrier (see example on the left) – many other actions are possible and freely configurable.

Reminder Function

The reminder function ensures that someone takes care of the maintenance in a timely manner.


Automatic actions (e.g. telephone call) can also be set. For example, the office manager can be automatically informed by the Smart Group Assistant about a maintenance case via a telephone call.

Slack / Telegram / Teams

GroupLotse is very easy to set up using Slack, Telegram or Teams – no additional apps are required.

Smart Group Assistant

The Smart Group Assistant coordinates the actions of the group in the case of predefined maintenance messages. For example, the office manager can react immediately to a maintenance message from the printer and commissions the service provider with a click.

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Our free version is free of costs and can be set up immediately. Test GroupLotse without any obligations, we look forward to hearing from you!

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