Interfaces Grouplotsen

Your GroupLotse clarifies who from your team will take care of an interface message and what AI, IoT, or cloud application to move forward with in the process

Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram

Create your personal GroupLotse for your teams in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram. Simply add the GroupLotse app to your channels or groups.

Group decisions

Configure your GroupLotsen to offer your teams different options for actions (app control, call, text message) via buttons or a dropdown menu when certain interface messages are received.

Interface trigger

AI, IoT or cloud applications can be controlled either via our WebHook server or our MQTT broker. The interface triggers can also be combined with text messages.

Info for group decisions

When a team member selects a group decision option, the team is immediately informed that an action option (e.g. interface trigger) was performed and who did it. So everyone is always up to date.

Reminder function

You can configure your GroupLotse to remind your team that no one has yet responded to an interface message.

Call function

You can use the call function to automatically call your GroupLotse to inform you about a new relevant interface message.

Direct actions

Your group controller can automatically control AI, IoT or cloud applications when forwarding interface messages in channels (Slack, Microsoft Teams) or groups (Telegram). In addition, an automatic call notification can be set.

Filter function

Our filter function allows you to specify which interface message your GroupLotse should forward to a channel (Slack, Microsoft Teams) or chat group (Telegram). You can use positive and negative lists for this.

connect KI, IoT and cloud applications

Integrate your AI, IoT and cloud applications into your team processes in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram via GroupLotse

WebHooks (bidirectional)

WebHooks make it possible to tell server software that a certain event has occurred and to trigger a reaction to this event. If your AI, IoT or cloud applications allow the setup of WebHooks, you can use this to connect them to your GroupLotse very easily. Your GroupLotse can use WebHooks to receive the information that an event has occurred and also trigger a reaction to the event. Communication is bi-directional, meaning it works both ways.

MQTT (bidirectional)

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is an open network protocol for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication that enables the transmission of data in the form of messages between devices. And that even with larger time delays, eg due to limited network quality! All AI, IoT or cloud applications that support machine-to-machine communication (M2M) via MQTT can be connected to your GroupLotsen via our MQTT broker. Messages can be sent as well as received. This means that communication between devices is bidirectional, i.e. it works in both directions.


One of the most common forms of communication is e-mail. Our email server enables the connection of your AI, IoT or cloud applications that can send e-mails to your GroupLotse. The e-mails are assigned to your GroupLotse via a unique sender e-mail address or a recipient e-mail address specially set up for your GroupLotse.


The same logic applies to SMS as to e-mails. Any AI, IoT or cloud application that sends SMS can be connected to your GroupLotsen through our SMS server. The assignment to your GroupLotse is done either via the sender's phone number or a unique user ID (UID) in the message text.