Connect IoT devices to GroupLotse in minutes

Simply use existing message protocols and platforms.



All IoT devices that support machine-to-machine communication (M2M) via MQTT can be easily connected to GroupLotse via our MQTT broker.


All IoT devices that are listed as a service at IFTTT can be connected to GroupLotse using so-called applets. All you need is a (free) IFTTT account.


All IoT devices that send emails can be connected to GroupLotse via our email server. The device is identified via the email address or an ID.


All IoT devices that send SMS can be connected to GroupLotse via our SMS server. The device is identified via the telephone number.

The Smart Group Assistant enables your team
actively control digitized processes through group decisions.

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Reminder Function

If desired, the team can also be informed by a reminder-function that no actions have yet been initiated.


Additional actions (e.g. call, IFTTT trigger) can optionally also be triggered automatically by the Smart Group Assistant.


The user who adds an IoT device to a channel or chat group can offer the group various actions that should be initiated by a member of the channel or group. The actions are displayed to all team members in the form of buttons (Telegram) or a dropdown menu (Slack).

Filter Function

Our filter function enables the user who adds IoT devices to a group to define which messages should be forwarded to a channel (Slack) or a chat group (Telegram) (white & black list)

Slack and Telegram

With the help of our GroupLotse app, IoT devices are easily added to specific channels in a Slack workspace. In Telegram the assignment to chat groups works very similarly with the help of the GroupLotse bot.

Your team can decide in Slack or Telegram which actions should be triggered on certain messages from IoT devices.

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Action List

Each team member can quickly and easily select a specific action from the action list using the button (Telegram) or the dropdown menu (Slack) and initiate it with a click.

Broker + Applet

IoT devices can be triggered using our MQTT broker or an IFTTT applet. The connection type is selected when creating the action list.

Call function

Via our call function, the person who created the action list can be automatically informed by the Smart Group Assistant by a call.


Each team member can quickly and easily transmit predefined texts to the group (e.g. “I will take care of it!”) and so accept predefined tasks, for example.

Team Communication

When a team member selects an action, the team is immediately informed that an action has been triggered and who did it.