Welcome to GroupLotse!

Our app has been added to your Microsoft Teams!

See below how to set up the app in Microsoft Teams in a few minutes.

Sign up for our services

  • Start the signup process in your private channel at GroupLotse with the “signup” command
  • Register with your mobile phone number
  • Confirm the registration with the code we sent you by SMS
  • Confirm our terms and conditions and our privacy and terms of use (free version)

Join a channel

  • Create a new channel or select an existing channel
  • Connect the channel to the GroupLotse app within the channel with the “GroupLotse” command

Add a new IoT device

  • Start the device registration process in the private application channel with the command “device”
  • Select “Add IoT device” in the dropdown box
  • Select the communication type how the IoT device should communicate with GroupLotse (email, IFTTT, MQTT, SMS or UID)
  • Configure the rules, define group actions and choose the channel to use your IoT device

Extend your GroupLotse with group actions and filters

  • Start the process under Apps/GroupLotse by entering the command “hq”
  • Select “GroupLotse” and then the GroupLotse you want to edit
  • Select “Create a new rule” and then the interface for which you want to create the rule
  • Set up filters, actions, group decisions and reminders for your GroupLotsen
  • Done!