Service provider

interface messages

  • Connect your printer to your team in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram via GroupLotse
  • Use our standard interfaces: webhooks, MQTT, E-mail or SMS

  • Interface messages are forwarded directly to your team's channel via your GroupLotse

Call and reminder function

  • You can use the call function to automatically call your GroupLotses to inform you about a new relevant interface message
  • You can configure your GroupLotse to remind your team that no one has yet responded to an interface message
  • Your GroupLotse ensures that all relevant interface messages are processed

Clarification of responsibilities

  • Your team will be offered various options for action (interface trigger, call, text message) when certain interface messages are received
  • Your team decides who takes responsibility for a task and how to proceed in the process

Application control

  • Let your team control AI, IoT or cloud applications via Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram with the click of a button
  • For example, document in your Toggl account how many hours your technicians need for certain maintenance work
  • Realize the integration of GroupLotse and Toggl easily via our webhook interface

Messenger functionalities

  • Your team can use all messenger functionalities (text, video, photos, etc.) to make the processing of your interface message as efficient as possible
  • Your GroupLotse supports your team until the task is done!


  • All customer account data and tariffs
  • Overview of all GroupLotses and interfaces
  • Easy access via Microsoft Teams, Slack and Telegram

Our free version is totally free and can be set up immediately. Test GroupLotse without obligation, we look forward to your team!