Quickly clarify responsibilities in your collaboration platform
Interfaces to AI, IoT and cloud services included!

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Fast clarification of responsibilities in the team

  • App for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram

  • Responsibility clarification at the click of a button
  • Pre-configurable action options: Interface trigger, text and call
  • Reminder function

Application control via your collaboration platform

  • Integration of AI, IoT and cloud services in your team (bidirectional)

  • Button-click application control via Slack, Microsoft Teams and Telegram
  • Interface types: WebHook, MQTT, IFTTT, Email, SMS
  • Customised configuration of the interfaces for your GroupLotsen

Create your GroupLotse for your team

  • Configuration directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram

  • Set up new interfaces and assign GroupLotses
  • Set group decisions, direct actions, etc.

Everything at a glance with our Dashboard

  • Overview of all GroupLotses and interfaces

  • All customer account data and tariffs
  • Super easy access via Microsoft Teams, Slack and Telegram

GroupLotse wokrs on following collaboration platforms:

  • Slack – communication and collaboration platform

  • Microsoft Teams – communication and collaboration platform

  • Telegram – instant messaging service

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Add GroupLotse to Slack, Microsoft Teams or Telegram and sign up to our service there:

Communication and collaboration platform*

Communication and collaboration platform

Instant messaging service

*Search for
@GroupLotse after you added the app. You can find instructions here.

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