GroupLotse supports your team every day to air the office when the CO2 level is too high

How it works

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  • Many people who work in offices with multiple employees suffer from poor air quality. Airing the office is very important for a healthy working atmosphere - especially in the times of Covid 19

  • Due to home office, business trips, etc., not all team members are in the office at the same time, so that there are often no clear rules as to who should be responsible for airing the room


  • When a certain CO2 level is reached, GroupLotse activates a red light to give the team a visual cue and asks team members to open the window. When a team member has the window open, the red light will turn off automatically

  • The necessary IoT devices (smart plug and CO2 measuring tool) represent a cost-effective solution and can be easily connected to the communication platforms used by the team via GroupLotse

Solution Grafik

Services used:

Kaiterra als App Used
Kasa Smart Plug als App Used
IFTTT als App Used

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