Easy Site Monitoring

On construction sites, responsibilities change frequently in dependence of the construction progress – stay flexible with GroupLotse!

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Monitoring areas and responsibilities are changing constantly on construction sites. A video surveillance system with connection to a security center often does not offer the necessary flexibility.

Economic Solution

GroupLotse offers an economic solution to inform the right people about possible incidents and options for action in every construction phase.

Surveillance System

Simply connect the video surveillance system of the construction site to GroupLotse (e.g. via email or MQTT) and add the system via GroupLotse to a Telegram group / a Slack or Teams Channel.

Alarm Notification

Incoming alarm messages (text, photos or videos) can be shared with selected people in Slack, Telegram or Teams.

Easy Group Administration

The group members can be easily adjusted at any time by the administrator via Slack, Telegram or Teams. For example, new employees or service providers can be easily integrated or removed from the group.

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Smart Group Assistant

The Smart Group Assistant coordinates the actions of the group in the event of predefined alarm messages. For example, when motion is detected in a certain area, the group may be asked to open a barrier (see example on the left) – many other actions are possible and freely configurable.

Reminder Function

The reminder function can be used to ensure that someone in the group takes care of the case.


Automatic actions (e.g. telephone call, switching of access control systems) can also be set. For example, the site manager can be informed automatically by phone in the event of an alarm.

Slack / Telegram / Teams

GroupLotse is very easy to set up using Slack or Telegram – no additional apps are required.

Smart Group Assistant

The Smart Group Assistant coordinates the appropriate and group/department after the Do button is triggered and ensures that a team member confirms that he/she will pick up the goods.

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Our free version is free of costs and can be set up immediately. Test GroupLotse without any obligations, we look forward to hearing from you!

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